What is social investing?

Date: July 27, 2020

Everyone is talking about social innovation. Whether it is in terms of "impact investing," "social investment," "social innovation," "sustainable investing" or any variety of other terms, it all comes down to the investment of capital for social and economic returns. While everyone is talking about it, there is very little out there to help a group get started, let alone take a project to completion.

Social impact investing is an alternative to traditional major gift fundraising.  This type of funding structure creates a public-private partnership that expands the pool of funding resources beyond traditional philanthropists, foundations, and charitable corporations.  Typically a much quicker way to raise capital, social impact investing truly engages diverse groups of people who share a common interest in advancing their community in an economically viable manner.

Alongside some of my trusted partners, I recently presented a roadmap to getting started with social investing.

Chanthi Lune
Senior Vice President Legal Affairs of
Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Angela Burgess
President of Broad Oaks Consulting, LLC

Andrew Grumet
Practice Chair, Member of Strategic Nonprofit Solutions

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