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Laying a Foundation for Growth

Our signature, revolutionary program strategically unites fundraising and marketing to help you grow and diversify your revenue streams.

Following a comprehensive nonprofit assessment, you will get a comprehensive marketing strategy that supports a strategic development plan created especially for your organization and your donors. Get all the tools you need to thrive for years to come in this 6-month program doing 2-3 hours a week on deliverables and coaching.

Service Includes:
● Nonprofit assessment & development plan
● One-on-one coaching & online course
● Clarified Story & new website
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Advanced Gift Planning

Most people make the largest charitable donation at the end of their life. It takes strategic planning and organization for a nonprofit to receive these assets.

Only 3-5% of an individual’s total wealth is cash. This service helps nonprofits move beyond fundraising from 3-5% of people’s total giftable assets. We can help you engage the other 97%.

Service Includes:
● Creation of organization's policies and procedures, processes, and gift acceptance policies around planned giving
● 2 Day on-site staff training on identifying, cultivating, soliciting, and stewarding planned gifts
● Educating the nonprofit board & executive leadership on the importance of planned giving and setting realistic expectations
● Marketing & communication suggestions

Copywriting That Blooms

In the hustle and bustle of daily operations, nonprofit leaders often find it challenging to carve out time for strategic communications. Even more so, many nonprofits miss the mark connected with their supporters’ passions. The generosity of individual donors can be unlocked with compelling copywriting, turning engagement into action.

Unlock the hearts and minds of your audience with Copywriting That Blooms. Whether social media captions, email newsletters, or fundraising campaigns, let our copywriter and messaging strategist support you in building a solid donor base for consistent, sustainable revenue generation.

Services Include:
● Social media captions
● Monthly newsletters
● Fundraising campaign direct mail letters and emails
● Blog posts
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Custom Workshops & Event Keynote

When a speaker misses the mark at a gala, special event, or fundraiser, it is costly for an organization. Your nonprofit deserves to shine and be given every opportunity to raise the funds needed to support your mission. Angela Burgess not only delivers engaging keynote speeches that captivate your audience and prepare them to give but also offers custom workshops tailored to your specific needs.

Topics May Include:
● Planned Giving Made Easy
● Donor Advised Funds: Friend or Foe?
● Advanced Gift Planning: Unlocking the Other 95% of Your Donor’s Assets
● Professional Image and Communication: The Power of Presence
● Keynote Speeches Tailored to Your Mission

Professional Image, Communication, and Public Speaking

Did you know that only 7% of the carefully crafted words you use are what get heard by your listener? The other 93% is comprised of your nonverbal communication. 38% of what people hear when you speak is communicated through how you deliver your words, and 55% is communicated through your body language.

With over 22 years leading and inspiring people to action, we can help you get more of what you say heard by upgrading your professional image, teaching you how to craft more impactful messaging, and taking your public speaking skills to the next level.

Whether you love or hate public speaking, if you spend any part of your day attempting to persuade people to action, then improving these core skills will revolutionize your life.

Service Includes:
● 2 full-day sessions
● Group Workshops (up to 12)
● Individual Coaching

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  • After attending an insightful presentation by Angela from Broad Oaks Consulting, I sought her one-on-one coaching to refine my speaking skills. In a single, transformative session, I gained 47 invaluable presentation tips. Angela's expert guidance is a game-changer for anyone looking to elevate their public speaking, whether for non-profit or for-profit engagements. Highly recommended.

    Clint Harrington
    Founder, Executive Director
    FIND - Fellowship in Discipleship

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