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Your mission is too important to risk not being well supported.

If your biggest event was canceled or your largest grant fell through, could your organization survive? By partnering with us, nonprofit leaders will learn the key principles to creating a resilient business.
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Any organization with a vision to help humanity is one that can raise the funds they need to grow. We help you optimize every area of your organization to advance your impact.
Plan For Growth
Describing your service you provide the public with is vitally important, so your copy should include full details.
Execute Better
You have the vision to do good. We'll help make that vision an inspiring reality.
Improve Your Ask
Learn to love asking individuals and organizations to support your work.
Stronger Foundation
Work through leadership fatigue and support your organization to become more resilient.
What’s Your Biggest Fundraising Challenge?
Remember the “choose your own adventure” books we read as kids? If there’s one thing we’ve learned in working with nonprofits, it’s that no two are the same and they are each on their own unique adventure!
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Growing a nonprofit can often feel like looking for buried treasure without a map.

You have the vision to create a brighter world. Broad Oaks Consulting can help you map out where to find and leverage the resources you need to advance your mission.

With rare experience in the financial services industry and nonprofit leadership, we help nonprofits run like other successful businesses.

Our training, coaching, and leadership of nonprofit teams have led to raising over $110 million toward their mission.
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3 Steps To Growing Your Nonprofit

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation
Schedule a 30 minute consultation to share your organization's challenges and discover how we can help your nonprofit level up.
Custom Nonprofit Fundraising Training
Your mission deserves to be fully supported. We will create a roadmap that will lead you to experience organizational success.
Create a Brighter World
Our tried and true processes will allow you to spend more time focusing your energy on the positive difference you desire to make in the world.
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Breakthrough Is Possible

Few things in nonprofit fundraising & leadership are more frustrating than being on the cusp of a breakthrough without clarity on how to get there.

Without a well-mapped-out growth plan, impact often stumbles along or even crashes. Creating a more charitable world doesn’t have to be this difficult.

You became a nonprofit leader because you saw a need and felt called to fill a void. Serving this need has forced you to be resourceful, gritty, and innovative. However, every leader experiences idea and network fatigue - that feeling like you have tapped out your networks for resources and acted on all your best ideas, just when you are on the verge of a breakthrough. This leaves you feeling overwhelmed and unsure about how to avoid plateauing while financially fueling your critical mission.

You’re on the cusp of a breakthrough. The days of wondering how you are going to get there are over. Do not limit your organization’s possibilities any longer. Let us join with you to effect greater change than you ever imagined.

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“After several years of trying to grow our revenue on our own, we knew we needed help if we were ever going to get to the next level. We engaged with Broad Oaks Consulting, followed the plan, and in the first 2 years, after completing ‘Laying a Foundation for Growth’, saw double digit growth in our fundraising efforts year over year. Now we have a plan that is manageable and scalable, giving us confidence in our ability to continue serving our community."
Sasha Camacho
ED – SoléAna Stables
Angela’s background in finance and development helped craft a strategic donor, alumni, and volunteer engagement strategy with the Bauer College of Business at a critical time of change for the college. Her work with a new dean and young development team helped shape strategy for years to come.
Russell Dunlavy
Associate Vice President, University Development - University of Houston
I have had the privilege to work closely with Angela Burgess in her capacity as Executive Director of RaiseUp Families. Under her leadership, our fundraising has significantly increased and she has put in place an exceptional staff. More importantly, our service capability to the community is increasing. Among Angela’s array of skills, her sophisticated financial acumen and her exceptional ability to communicate with people have always stood out to me. By the way, she is a charming person who truly enjoys her work.
James Shaddix
Vice President, RaiseUp Families

Great Vision Requires Great Support

Here is how we have helped support other leading nonprofits

Are You Maximizing Your Opportunities for Impact to Drive Fundraising?

Download a free copy of our 32 page Guide to Maximizing Your Impact to evaluate where you are today and what simple steps you can take to drive greater results tomorrow.
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