Are You on the Right Bus?

Navigating Change on the Road to Success

A Motivational Autobiography by Angela Burgess
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When was the last time you stopped and asked, “Am I even on the right bus?”

Every morning, you wake up, get ready for work, hop on the bus, and sit in your regular window seat, third row from the front. Life has become so repetitive that you are now on autopilot, unaware that deep down you feel defeated and lost.

About the Book

If it feels like something is missing in your life, finding the confidence to make big changes can be scary. Angela Burgess’s motivational autobiography will revolutionize the way you approach your career and life, and help unlock your true potential.

Within this book's pages, Angela shares ups and downs in her career, taking you on a captivating journey that led her to where she is today. Despite hills and valleys along the way, Angela emerged as a leader early on in her career in the wealth management industry. By age 28, she secured a leadership position within Smith Barney, a position that usually takes employees two decades to reach. Everything seemed to finally align after years of hard work. But despite her success and financial stability, she felt like something was missing. This left her feeling lost, overwhelmed, and defeated. The feeling of being lost persisted, and she did not know what to do. Angela’s book explores how she finally found inner peace, fulfillment, and courage to make healthy changes in her life. By changing buses, switching seats, meeting new people, and taking completely new routes, Angela unlocked her potential, and so can you.
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  • "If you’ve been wondering what you should do when you ‘grow up,’ this book won’t give you the answer, but it will help you find your answer. If you’ve been wondering if you’re going down the right path in life, this book won’t just help you arrive at a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’; it will also help you figure out what to do about it. If you’ve been helping someone else wrestle with these questions, this book won’t just help you figure out what to say; it will also help you grasp how your actions—and how, in turn, you—will be remembered decades from today."

    Gorick Ng
    Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author,
    The Unspoken Rules: Secrets to Starting Your Career Off Right
  • "In this autobiography, Angela Burgess writes with humor, using the "bus" metaphor to deliver life lessons learned along the way. Detailing relatable life experiences and highlighting her faith, Are You on the Right Bus? is a great read for those looking to lead."

    Avery Neal
    Author, Speaker, and Award-Winning Psychotherapist
  • "An inspiring read for anyone who has ever felt they were made for more but have felt the icy winds making them want to turn back from reaching the top of their mountain. Angela did a great job in weaving in places for the reader to stop and reflect if they are on the right bus for where they want to go."

    Natasha Paradeshi
    CEO & Co-founder, Solace Media

Why Angela Burgess?

Throughout the years of moving cities, being hired, being fired, making new friendships and leaving old relationships behind, Angela understands what it really means to make fearless and bold moves.

Corporate & Nonprofit Experience

Angela has a broad range of experience in both the corporate and nonprofit environments, allowing her to bridge communication and understanding between the two worlds.

Unique Perspective

Born and raised in the heart of Midwest, Angela left Iowa at 19 to live abroad. She has worked in small towns, growing communities, and thrived in two of America’s largest cities, adding a unique perspective of the diverse professional landscape.


Angela founded Broad Oaks Consulting in 2018, drawing on a decade of building businesses in the for-profit sector to now providing consultation to nonprofits to expand their community impact.

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